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Tanglewood Building 600


Front side elevation view of building 600. Wood rot repair and new siding installation is finished. All windows and doors installed. Front entry stairs are being rebuild for units #601 and #602. Siding installation on second service yard in progress. Exterior paint work on Building 600 should start on December 26, 2007. Attention Home Owners/Tenants ! Please, do not park your vechicles in front of Building 600 during exterior paint work.

Interior trim installation on windows and new doors is currently in progress on Building 600. Any Villa Owners, that are planning to visit their unit during holiday weeks, please let us know by sending e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      December 28 Update 



       December 19 Update 

20071219 TnglBld6Frnt.jpg

Left side elevation view of Building 600.  New windows installed. Siding and trim installation complete.


Rear Side elevation view of Building 600. All new windows and sliding patio doors installed on the rear side. New, pressure treated wood decks build with "TREX" 5/4x6" flooring. New siding and trim board installation complete. Existing gutters and downspouts re installed. Ready for exterior paint.






  December 6 Update

Front side of building. The old siding is removed in most places. The front door is completle installed.


Rear side of building. The new windows and sliding door installed. Wood repairs, new siding and trim installation complete. Two balkonys rails installation is working on.


Two new windows installed. New attic vent installed. Wood repairs, new siding and trim installation is about complete.


              November 27 Update


     Right Side elevation view:

Two new windows installed. New attic vent installed. Wood repairs, new siding and trim installation complete.


     Rear side elevation view:

 Balcony demolition and wood rot repairs complete. Two new balconies completelly rebuilt. Siding installed on about 50% of rear wall area.

Gutter and downspout installed at unit 610. All windows and sliding doors replaced on the rear side. Siding and trim installation in progress on the middle and left side of the rear wall.





      Rear side elewation view:

View from building 800. All remaining balconies are framed. Soffit and fascia trim almost finished on the rear side of the roof. Windoe replacement in progress on the right side elevation wall.





Left side elevation view:

Old siding removed up to third floor. Work in progress on replacing existing exterior sheathing (sheetrock) with new OCB plywood and performing wood rot repairs.



          November 14 update

Front Side elevation view:

Old siding partially removed from right side front wall. Guard rail on second floor and main stairwell are being worked on. 



Right side elevation view:

Old siding removed, damage repair finished, new windows installed on first and second floor; Ready for siding installation.


 Rear side elevation view:

Old siding partially removed from wall surface;

Rear deck demolition/rebuild in progress;


                    November 05 Update

Siding removal in progress on the right side exterior wall of building 600.




                     Dear Villa Owners/Tenants,


     Renovation work on building 600 is scheduled to start on 11/1/2007.   Any villa Owners who have decided to have Light fixture installed in your balcony, please`contact EURO Construction Office A.S.A.P.

    All home owners and/or tenants shal use extra caution when entering and exiting building, also walking around stacked materials in parking lot. Please do not park your cars in front of building #100 during the work hours (7:00AM - 5:00PM).

     Please remove furniture, plants and other belongings from your balconies. We also recommend to remove any hanging objects from exterior walls (pictures, paintings, mirrors, etc.). Please Note, EURO Construction, Inc. will not assume responsibility for missing or misplaced belongings from your balcony.

     Thank you for your cooperation


Front Side Elevation Of Building 600  before renovation work


Right Side Elevation Of Building 600 before renovation work


Rear Side Elevation Of Building 600 before renovation work


Left Side Elevation Of Building 600 before renovation work