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Tanglewood Building 500

July 31, 2007 Construction Update

  • Exterioir carpet has been installed
  • Villa numbers and restriction signs installation in progress
  • Final painting tuchups will be finished on Friday
  • Exterior wall scounces will be installed on Friday 







April 26, 2007 Construction Update

  • Building 500 renovation work completed
  • Lightening installation will start after approval
  • Painting work will start after color scheme approval



April 14, 2007 Construction Update

  • Renovation work on Building 500 is almost complete. New soffit panels and fascia trim is installed on front side of the roof, all windows and entry doors trimed. Bike storage fences have been rebuilt wirh new pressure treated wood framing and KLEER PVC vertical t&g siding. Old TRT 2x6 wood floring at entry stairwels and landings have been replaced with new, Composite, TREX decking boards (Same as rear decks). Old diagonal cypress siding on second floor walkway guard rails and stairwell guard rails, gave been replaced with new, vertical KLEER PVC 1x6 T&G siding.



  • New, pressure treated wood handrails installed at the entry landings by Units 501 & 502. KLEER PVC Corner trim and horizontal Hardiplank lap siding installed on all front side walls of building 500. Siding and trim work on building 500 Should be comletelly finished on Monday, April 16, 2007.


March 30,2007 Construction Update

  • Rear side of Building 500 completed. All windows and sliding patio doors replaced, all deck/balconie framing and flooring finished, handrails, trim and siding installed. Rough-in framing inspection passed.


  • Siding removal and wood rot repairs finished on the front side of building 500. New windows and front entry doors installed and trimed


  • Front steps and bike storage fence rebuilt for unit 501.


  • Same work in progress by unit 502.


























March 19, 2007 Construction update

  • Building 500 side wall siding installation will be finished today.
  • Building 500 front side siding remove, wood rot repair.
  • Building 500 front side second floor windows and door replacement, triming.
  • Building 500 service yard fencies reconstruction

March 15, 2007 Construction update

  • Front side first floor windows and front door replaced and trimed.
  • Front side corner installed.
  • Building 500 front side siding remove, wood rot repair in progress.
  • Building 500 side wall siding installation in progress.






March 12, 2007 Construction update

  • Building 500 front side siding remove, wood rot repair.
  • Tyvek Home Wrap installation
  • Front side first floor windows and front door replacement

March 09, 2007 Construction update

  • Building 500 rear side has been finished



March 06, 2007 Construction update

  • 503 & 501 units rear side wall siding will be finished today
  • Street side wall framing rot repared, plywood changed, coated with Tyvek Home Wrap
  • Street side wall windows has been changed
  • 502, 504, 505 & 506 units deck floors & railings has been installed
  • Installing 501 & 503 units deck floors & railings
  • Starting sidind installation on street side wall tomorow






February 23, 2007 Construction update

  • All units rear side windows and sliding doors has been changed, flashed and trimed.
  • All rear decks framing using Simpson "strong tie" connectors on first and second floors has been built.
  • 506 & 502 units rear wall siding finished.
  • Rear side midle wall siding will be finished today.
  • Preparing for 503 & 501 units rear wall siding work.



























January 31, 2007 Construction update


  • Old woot siding and trim removed from rear side walls;
  • All rear decks first and second floor removed and disposed;
  • Wood rot repairs in rear wall framing finished;
  • Wall insulation and anchors checked, new TRT CDX & OSB wall sheating installed on rear walls;
  • Tyvek Home Wrapinstalled on the rear side walls;
  • Fascia trim and soffit panel replacement in progress.Wood rot repairs in roof overhang framing finished;
  • Deck framing in progress for villas 501 & 502;