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Tanglewood Building 100

 November 15 Update:

Renovation work on building 100 is almost finished. All windows and doors replaced, new siding and trim boards installed. Rear decks and front side entry landings and stairs rebuilt. Building exterior is ready for paint application.

Front elevation view:  Metal grabrails and exterior carpet in 2-nd floor walkway will be installed after exterior paint application.


 Right side elevation view:


Rear side elevation view:


Left Side elevation view:




 November 6 Update

Building 100 Front. Siding  is about done.  The sevice yard fences in proces.


 20071105tnglvbldg1_rear.jpgRear side of building 100

 20071105tnglvbldg1lft_side.jpgLeft side of building 100

October 22 Update   20071022_bld1_tnglv_frnt_side.jpg




October 15, 2007 Construction Update

  • Old siding has been removed on rear side of building #100
  • Checked rear side framing and plywood for wood rot and replaced with new one were necessary
  • Tyvek Home Wrap installed on building #100 rear side
  • Rear side old windows and sliding door replaced with new ones. They were flashed and trimmed.
  • Rear side balconies framing installation in progress.
  • Building #100 right side wall old siding removed, framing checked for wood rot, Tyvek Home Wrap installed, old windows replaced with new, new siding installed.
  • Kleer PVC corners installed on right side wall
  • Old siding removed and old windows has been changed on units 102 and 106 front side.
  • Started removing old siding on building's #100 left side 




September 25, 2007 Construction Update

  • Siding removal is in progress on building 100. We are going to start siding replacement work on the right side wall (looking from the parking lot) and rear side wall. Windows and construction materials are already delivered to the project site. Trash container should be delivered today. Please take extra caution when entering and exiting buildings. Thank You!
  • Please dont park your cars directly in front of building 100 and or close to stacked construction materials and trash container. 

Front side of Building 100




Right side of Building 100


Rear Side of Building 100


Left side of Building 100




     Renovation work is scheduled to start on building #100 on Monday, September 24,2007. All home owners and/or tenants shal use extra caution when entering and exiting building, also walking around stacked materials in parking lot. Please do not park your cars in front of building #100 during the work hours (7:00AM - 5:00PM).

     Please remove furniture, plants and other belongings from your balconies. We also recommend to remove any hanging objects from exterior walls (pictures, paintings, mirrors, etc.). Please Note, EURO Construction, Inc. will not assume responsibility for missing or misplaced belongings from your balcony.

     Thank you for your cooperation