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PATB Building 2

June 29, 2007 Construction Update:

  • Carpet on corridor walkways installed
  • Storm doors on all units installed
  • Handrails on all stairways installed
  • Fans on all units balconies installed
  • Railings on electrical panel platform installed
  • Handicapt platform's railing copper caps changed to wooden
  • New car entrance gate installed








 June 08, 2007 Construction Update:

  • Power for building 2 restored
  • A/C on some units installed already
  • Further room air conditioners installation in progress

Permanent Power Inspection passed on June 4, 2007

Palmetto Electric Cooperative is scheduled to restore power for building 2 on or before 5:00 PM, Wednesday, June 6, 2007.


May 23, 2007 Interior Work Update:

  1A 1B 1C 1D 1E 2A 2B 2E 3B 3E
Wiring & electrical devices replacement (TEC) OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
Water heater, pan & drain installation (B.H. Plumbing) OK OK OK OK OK OK   OK   OK
1/4 turn ball valve installation in main water line (B.H. Plumbing) OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
Insulation installation (Euro) OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
Wiring and lines for AC installation (TEC & Epperson) OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
Ventilation lines & vents installation in bathrooms (Epperson) OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
Electrical brakers panel wiring (TEC) 0K OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
Sheetrock installation, muding and sanding (Cuda) OK OK OK IPR OK OK OK OK OK OK
Interior trim installation (Euro) OK OK


Walls and ceilings priming (Cuda) OK OK OK IPR OK OK OK OK OK OK
AC handlers installation (Epperson)   OK OK   OK OK OK OK OK OK
Painting (Cuda) IPR OK OK   OK IPR IPR IPR OK OK
Flooring installation     OK   OK   IPR IPR OK IPR
Power inspection and power connection OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
Screen installation on windows and sliding doors (Euro)         OK       OK OK
Storm door installation (Euro)                    

OK - Finished

IPR -In Progress

May 03, 2007 Construction Update:

  • Exterior painting finished
  • Railings installation on front & back side has been done
  • Service platform near electrical meters has been built
  • Downspout and gutters installed all around building
  • Standing seam roofing installed all around building
  • Electrical panels installed inside units
  • Electrical service chanhed out
  • Phone lines termination
  • HVAC installation in progress







March 15, 2007 Construction Update:

  • All building siding work finished
  • Diagonal lattice installed under building front side



February 23, 2007 Construction Update:

  • West wall standing seam roofing is finished.
  • Units A & B rear wall siding and triming, standing seam roofing is finished.
  • Units C, D & E decks completed. Preparing for siding and roofing work. Wood rot repairs in rear wall framing. Installing windows and sliding doors.
  • Chases for A/C lines prepared.
  • Electrical cable wiring started.
  • TV outlets and cables installed in all units on South wall.
  • A/C drainage lines installed in all units on South wall.
  • Ventilation system pipes installed, closet framing has been made.


P2230043.jpg P2230044.jpg

P2230045.jpg P2230046.JPG


January 24, 2007 Construction Update:

Front side siding and triming work finished. Pillars covered by stucco siding.


New stairs construction finished and trimed.


Concrete walkway to west entrance has been finished.


West wall covered by stucco siding. Standing seam roofing is finished.


West side wall siding and windows installation has been done.



Demolution work in progress.


January 03, 2007 Construction Update:

  • Exterior walkway and stair construction finished all three floors;
  • Window and entry door installation finished all three floor except 3E (bedroom window glass broken, waiting for replacement on February 15-th);
  • Siding and trim installation on the front side of building 15 is finished all three floors except by unit 3E.
  • Accent roof construction on the front side is complete.Standing seam roofing installation chould be finished by January 11-th.
  • Window installation and wood rot rapairs on the west wall is complete. Siding and trim installation will start on January 5-th. Accent roof construction on west side should be finished by January 8-th.
  • North side walk: Stack "A" - all sliding doors, French doors and bedroom windows are installed, wood rot repair complete. Ready for siding and trim installation.
  • Stucco siding installation on the west side wall and front side walkway columns should start on January 11-th



October 16, 2006 Construction Update:

First floor walkway structure is rebuilt. Construction of second floor walkway, and wood rot repairs on west wall of units A - 1, 2 & 3 is now in progress.


October 13, 2006 Construction Update:

Demolition of all three walkways at front entries is finished. Siding removed from south and west walls. Wood rot was discovered in the pilings under the first floor walkway. Center parts of the pilings were drilled to remove all deteriorated wood. Cavities filled with new pressure treated wood and epoxy.

First floor walkway is now being rebuild. After all three walkways are rebuilt, we will start window and door replacement on the South wall, then siding and trim installation. After that, renovation work will move to the West and Norh wals. Electrical and HVAC work should start shortly after we move to the rear side of the building.

Today we have past permanent power inspection. That means we can now connect power to the nine unit building and proceed with interior work. HVAC rough-in, Plumbing rough-in and fire stopping inspections were also passed today.


Demolition work has begun on building 2. We will remove and dispose/donate all in-wall air conditioners. Those who want to save their A/C units, please instruct our office by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (843) 682-3876 (ask for Jolita) prior to October 2-nd, 2006. Renovation work will start at the south wall of building 2 (front entry and walkway side). We will rebuild exterior walkways first. All 15 units will not be accessible from Monday, September 18, 2006 until October 18, 2006. Power should be shut off on or after October 26,2006. We recoment that you remove any food and beverages from your refrigerators and kitchen cabinets prior to October 26, 2006. Your villas will stay without power and air conditioning for at least few weeks. Please e-mail or call us to find out, when your villa will be accessible prior to power disconnect. It is always good idea to remove any mirrors, paintings and pictures from exterior walls before exterior renovation work. Please remove any valuable items and/or personal belongings from your villa, before interior work starts, or call project supervisor Mindy at 843-298-1634 to instruct him remove certain items from your villa and place them in EURO Construction's warehouse. Please note, our warehouse space is limited, therefore we would not be able to store your furniture and/or appliances. Only smaller items, such as wall mirrors, Pictures, paintings, Tv-s, VCR-s, etc. We will have many diferent subcontractors working inside each villa at the same time. It will not be possible to watch all of them. EURO Construction, Inc. shall not be responsibe for any missing/misplaced items.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!