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Tanglewood Building 700

     January 29 Update

Siding replacement and exterior trim work finished on building 700. New door and windows installed, New decks, landings and handrails built. New dryer vent and exost caps installed. Exterior paint is scheduled for the week of February 10, 2008. Aluminum grabrails should be installed after exterior paint. Carpet installation to be scheduled after all work and punch items completion.

Front elevation view:  The service yard fences in progress


Front elevation view:


     January 21 Update:

Front side of building 700: Windows ant Entry door is instaled. Begining of siding Installation.


Right side of building 700 is finished.


Rear side of building 700 is finished.


     January 14 Update:

Rear side elevation view: Balconies demolition and rot repairs complete. Two new balconies completely rebuild. Siding and corners is completely installed. All windows and sliding doors replaced on the rear side.


 Right side elevation view. Begining of siding installation.




      January 07 Update 

Building #700 front. Old siding removing in progress. Making inspection for framing wood rot. Installing new plywood and Tyvek Home Wrap. Replacing front door and windows. Installing flashing around doors and windows.  Old railigs removed from stairway.  



 Building #700 rear side. All old siding has been removed. Making wood rot inspection. Repairing damaged framing, installing new plywood and Tyvek Home Wrap. New Sliding door and windows - installed.


     December 28 Update

 Rear side elevation view:

Old siding partially removed from wall surface;

Rear deck demolition/rebuild in progress;



Right side elevation view:

Old siding removed, damage repair finished, new windows installed on first and second floor; Ready for siding installation.


 Old sidig removal in progress on the front side wall of Building 700   


      Decembes 19 Update

 Rear side elevation view:

Old sidig removal in progress on the rear side wall of Building 700. Demolition of lower decks in progress. New windows and sliding patio doors delivered to project site. Please do not try to open sliding patio doors untill new door is installed and deck built by your unit. 


 Right side elevation view: 

Old siding removed, damage repair finished. New windows are being installed on first and second floor: Ready for siding installation. All parking spaces in front of right side wall are closed. Please do not leave your vechicle by construction materials stacked in the parking lots at any time.



                     Dear Villa Owners/Tenants,


     Renovation work on building 700 is scheduled to start on 12/11/2007.   Any villa Owners who have decided to have Light fixture installed in your balcony, please`contact EURO Construction Office A.S.A.P.

    All home owners and/or tenants shall use extra caution when entering and exiting building, also walking around stacked materials in parking lot. Please do not park your cars in front of building #700 right side wall (by mail boxes) during the work hours (7:00AM - 5:00PM).

     Please remove furniture, plants and other belongings from your balconies and front entrance decks. We also recommend to remove any hanging objects from exterior walls (pictures, paintings, mirrors, etc.). Please Note, EURO Construction, Inc. will not assume responsibility for missing or misplaced belongings from your balcony or outside your front door.

     Thank you for your cooperation




Front Side Elevation of Building 700 before renovation work


Right side elevation of building 700 before renovation work    


Rear side elevation of building 700 before renovation work