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     These are the projects, currently under construction, under Building Permit or in final preparation stages. For current Projects, we are placing shortcuts on the Home page for faster and more convenient access.

PENDING PROJECTS:  planning.gif

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     Projects that are in planing and preliminary estimating stages. Any project placed in "Pending Projects" section, does not mean, that EURO Construction will be awarded to execute this project. All information published in "Pending Projects" section is for informational purpose only.

PREVIOUS PROJECTS:  previousprojects.gif

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     Projects, that have been compleeted and final inspection passed. You can always access this section using green link above, or pointing to the "Projects" on the top menu line and clicking on "Previous Projects" below.

     For faster and more convenient site browsing we have organized our projects in  to separate web pages. Shortcuts to these pages are provided at the top of this page, or any other page. For additional convenience, you will see links to some projects or project sections placed on the top-right section of some pages, that will take you dirrectly to the project's page or section. Small picture thumbnails on the left side of the "Home" page can also be used as shortcuts.

     We would gladly consider any sugestions and recommendations from you how to make our website even more convienient and informational.