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For our customers we offer services such as:

  • Horizontal Regime Property Renovation - Hilton Head Island, SC & Bluffton, SC. 

     We offer full service exterior/interior renovation, remodeling/repair for Horizontal Property Regimes located on Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, South Carolina. Anything related to upgrading exterior/interior wall coverings, Window/door replacement, flooring, plumbing, electrical, etc.

  •  Multifamily Renovation - Hilton Head Island, SC & Bluffton, SC.

     Same as above, for multifamily properties registered as Home Owners Association. We gladly work with property managers and/or HOA providing all services, mentioned in this page, performing maintenance and repairs.

  • Siding And Trim Replacement - Hilton Head Island, SC & Bluffton, SC.

Every project usually starts from inspection and estimate. There are possible four (4) types of inspection: visual inspection, destructive testing, moisture testing, thermal (infrared) testing. To make more precision evaluation report all four types of inspection can be used.
First of all old siding and trim are removed. At many older houses under the siding we can find exterior-grade fiberboard sheathing it will also be removed. Than house framing and insulation fiberglass inspection is made. Rotted framing and old or missing fiberglass insulation will be replaced with new materials. Exterior-grade fiberboard sheathing will be replaced with plywood. All building will be wrapped with the Tyvek® HomeWrap®. Wrapping a home or building in a weather-resistant barrier is not just good sense, it’s good building practice. Because it helps combat water, moisture and air infiltration that are any structure’s worst enemies. Allowed to penetrate behind siding, wind-driven rain and moisture can saturate walls, creating a breeding ground for mold, mildew and wood rot. The properties of Tyvek® HomeWrap® do not support the growth of mold or mildew. Air infiltrating from outside can create comfort-robbing cold or warm spots while increasing heating and cooling costs. Tyvek® HomeWrap® acts like a windbreaker and wrapped over the sheathing and under the exterior siding - cut out around windows and doors and taped securely at the seams - resists air infiltration and water intrusion and makes for a more comfortable, energy-efficient home or building. Doors and windows will be newly taped with flashing. After that exterior siding and trim replacement phase starts. Removal and replacement of the wood siding with alternate siding material would serve as an aesthetic improvement to buildings and offset future maintenance costs. Composite siding materials such as Hardiplank® (which is reportedly being considered by the homeowners) are marketed to resist dimensional changes, require less maintenance than wood siding, and include a fifty (50) year manufacturer’s warranty against material defects. For trimming we use composite Kleer™ materials. Kleer™ products are extruded from the finest grades of PVC resins and other polymers, ensuring a level of consistency and durability that is unmatched in the industry. Manufactured on breakthrough compounding and extruding technology to demanding specifications, the Kleer™ line of trim boards is backed by the industry’s only Lifetime Warranty. Kleer™ is expanded, rigid cellular, white PVC superior to wood in virtually any non stress bearing application. It has been developed with a small-cell microstructure and with a density similar to white pine. Kleer™ has a unique and unparralled range of physical properties, with a texture and uniformity that make it the next generation of exterior trim. Kleer™ looks and feels like wood, while addressing most of the common problems associated with exterior applications of wood. Kleer™ offers an array of weather ability features not found in any known woods. These include resistance to moisture, rot, mildew, cupping, splitting, delamination, or warping, Kleer is resistant to ALL insects, including termites and carpenter ants. Kleer™ can be applied with no adverse effects in areas where it will make direct contact with masonry, concrete, ground, or other potentially wet surfaces. Kleer™ is highly recommended for use in areas of high humidity or salt and fresh water environments.
After siding replacement and trimming building is ready for paint work.

  • Wood Rot, Moisture Damage Repair - Hilton Head Island, Bluffton

     Roof leaks, rain water penetration behind wood siding, may cause very serious damage to building structure. EURO Construction works with property managers to develope maintenance plans and schedules to do periodic property inspections and repairs.

  • Windows And Doors Replacement - Hilton Head Island, Bluffton

We can offer professional windows and doors replacement. Usually we work with high quality products such as Pella®, Andersen®, Weather Shield®, Jeld-Wen®, Kolbe®. We’ll come to your place and take window/door measures. After window/door removed we’ll make framing inspection and if necessary replacement will be done. After installation complete flashing, sealing and trim work will be done.
The Town of Hilton Head Island, as matter of policy, will require that the new windows and doors meet the following requirements:
1. Windows and doors for the entire building will be impact glass; with the windows on the tree (3) stories meeting the Large Missile Test of ASTM E 1996, and the windows on the fourth (4) story meeting the Small Missile Test of ASTM E 1996.
2. The new windows and doors may be provided with “Approved Huricane Shutters” (all four (4) floors).
3. The new windows and doors, on the first and second floors, shall be provided with plywood sheating, cut to fit each window opening, respectively. The new windows and doors, on the third and fourth floors, shall be impact glass (as noted in #1, above) or, the new windows and doors, on the third and fourth floors, shall be provided with “Approved Hurricane Shutters”.

  • Electrical service upgrade and interior/exterior fixture replacement
  • HVAC renovation/replacement
  • Bathroom renovation

During many years bath tub/shower and shower fiberglass walls got blemishes, rust stains, calcium build-up, scratches, cracks, soap residues. To fix that we can totally replace bath tub, shower cabin, wall and floor tiles, sink and sink tops, faucets, toilet. Another option we can offer you is bathroom remodeling instead of fixture replacement. It’s done using Kott Koatings process. Only Kott Koatings has the KV40 Glazes that were designed specifically for porcelain refinishing. The Kott Koatings system will bond directly to most any hard surface. Kott Koatings process can actually restore worn bathroom fixture such as bathtubs, sinks, ceramic tile walls, fiberglass surfaces without removing the item. All work on location is done without disturbing the walls, floors or plumbing fixtures surrounding that fixture. Bathroom will look like new after restoration. Bathroom cabinetry replacement can also be done.

  • Kitchen renovation

We can provide the following services when you renovate your kitchen: all electrical and lighting upgrade, all plumbing, all flooring, all cabinetry, trim, and millwork, all windows and doors, all countertops, all till work, all appliance replacement and installation, all drywall and paint work. Designers of our subcontractors will come to your house and discus your needs. Tremendous variety of cabinetry and countertops are available.

  • Interior/Exterior Paint

     Pressure  wash or soft wash exterior walls with chemical cleaning solutions. Exterior wall caulking and preparing for paint. Interior painting, staining, specialty and custom finishes, texturing, drywall installation or repair, wall and ceiling treatments, cabinet refinishing.

  • Plumbing services

     To meet your plumbing needs services such as leak detection and repair, water heater repair or replacement, toilet, sink, and tub repair or replacement, pipe repairs, food disposal replacement, sewer line cleaning, repair, or replacement and many more can be offered.

  • Interior trim work 
  • Flooring renovation/repair

     We offer replacement of existing carpet, tile, hardwood or laminate flooring. Floor covering replacement i a good oportunity to inspect subfloor system and perform necessary repair. 

  • Shingles roof replacement

     Complete removal of old shingles and underlayment. Roof structure and sheeting inspection and necessary repair. New felt, flashing and shingle installation.


     These and many more services are available for home or villa owners and property managers. Please contact us using link, provided in the main menu. Also, please feel free to browse our entire website.