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Dear Home Owners of Formal APATB, Renovation project information published in this Website has been moved to "Previous Projects" It will still be accessable using picture link in the home page or click on "Projects" then "Previous Projects".  For any new information, ongoing issues and maintenance, please use link to "Maintenance" in the Home page or using "Projects" links. Look for "Beachwood Place Maintenance"

                         Congratulations !!!

          Renovation project is now complete. Final inspection was conducted on October 30, 2007 and approved.

"Before" and "After" pictures below are published for your reference. All project information previously published in this web page will remain accessible for your reference and information until Aprill of 2008. Should you have any questions/concerns, you are welcome to contact us using information published on our web site.

          Thank you for your business.




Before  After 
 P1010985res.jpg  P1010363res.jpg
 P1010988res.jpg  P1010361res.jpg
 P1010989res.jpg  P1010359res.jpg



Attention All Owners !!!
Electricity for pool equipment, elevator, laundry rooms and exterior lighting was switched from temporary pole to house panel on Thursday, June 28, 2007. There should not be any power shortages anymore in laundry rooms. There are only three villas under construction as of today. That is 1A, 3A & 2H. At this point, we still can't conduct final and firesafety final inspections until units 1A & 3A are finished. After these inspections we should be able to close all chase covers and finish paint touch ups. Replacement carpet for elevator car and areas on each floor in front of elevator door is on order and should be arriving around July 16, 2007.
Attention All Owners !!!

Some villa owners may want to use their own contractors for interior work in your units. Please be aware, that your contractors will be working on existing renovation project site. Any subcontractor hired by individual owner to do any kind of work must submit his sertificate of insurance to EURO Construction, Inc. and coordinate his work schedule with project work.
Separate building permit must be obtained and taped on guest bedroom window (outside or inside but visible from walkway). No building permit is required for interior paint and flooring replacement.
Subcontractors should bring their own waste container.Placement of waste container should be coordinated with EURO Construction, Inc.
Villa Owners shall sign Affidavit of release of liens before their contractors can start any work on the project site.
Please use links below for project information:

  • Building 1 (9 Units)
  • Building 2 (15 Units)
  • p1010016_copy.jpg
  • Villa Interior Renovation