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South Beach Villas Maintenance




225 South Sea Pines Dr.

Sea Pines Plantation

Hilton Head Island, SC











2011 Exterior Repair Project:


          Dear Home Owners and Residents of South Beach Villas,

     EURO Construction, Inc. has been awarded with exterior wood repair contract for your property. Repair work will involve removal and replacement of moisture damaged siding and trim boards, some wall sheathing replacement, new flashing installation in select areas and some other repair items as outlined in contract documents.

     Project work is scheduled to start on, or after November 28-th, 2011 with estimated completion date  of February 10-th, 2012 (subject to change, depending on weather condition and other factors). To see project schedule, please use "Maintenance Calendar" link on the right side menu. We will do our best to keep this calendar up to date.

     Regretfully, exterior repair brings certain inconveniences. Some parking spaces will be used for building materials and supplies, Trash Container, Portable WC, Company equipment and vehicles.  For the duration of this project, we kindly ask all residents to be very careful when driving through, parking vehicles, entering and exiting villas. Also, for the protection of your belongings, we recommend to remove any and all valuable items placed or hanged on the exterior walls (Heavy mirrors, artwork, decorations sensitive to vibration, etc.).

     EURO Construction, Inc. will not assume responsibility for any items damaged inside or outside Villas.


     Any questions, concerns, requests? Please Use Contact Us tab on the top menu of this page.



EURO Construction, Inc.