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Beachwood Place Maintenance





     Service requested by Mr. Layne. Replaced storm door air closers for units 3-B & 3-F. Fixed exterior light fixture by the pool.


     Glass replacement order submitted to Weathershield.

 03/18/2010 Unit 2H:

     Noticed fogged glass in living room sliding door operating panel.


01/25/2010 Roof Leak Repair

     Roof leak located in the seam of roof membrane above unit 3H. Repair work provided using sealoflex waterproofing system. Water damage to both bathrooms of unit 3H repaired mudding and repainting walls and ceilings.




Unit 3H. Sheetrock damage in master bathroom: 


Unit 3H. Roof leak in master bathroom: 



Unit 3H. Roof leak in guest bathroom:


01/18/2010 Wash and reseal balcony tiles in all units:



11/18/2009 Foged Glass replacement - 2F

    Replaced fogged glass in front bedroom side window.

    Crown Mouldings installation - 1B


     Replaced both glass panels in living room sliding patio door; 

11/09/2009 Fogged Glass - 1H:

     Reported by homeowner, one side of the sliding patio door in living room has fogged glass.

Door inspected on 11/11/2009 by Valdas Stankevicius (EURO Construction) and Steve Greeden (ESPY Lumber). Two new replacement sashes ordered from Weather Shield.

09/17/2009 Lock Replacement - 2F:

     Replace sliding patio door lock in Unit 2-F.

09/17/2009 Dehumidifier Installation - 1B:

     Install LG 65 pint dehumidifier in unit 1-B:

09/10/2009 Landscaping lights Repairs:

    Remove and dispose of old light pole by Unit 1-H. Install four new bollard lights along the walkway to the pool.



08/17/2009 Lock Replacement - 2G:

     Replace broken sliding patio door lock in living room.

Service performed on August 20, 2009. Replaced broken latch and lock mechanizm. There was substancial amount of oxidation on interior lock parts. We recomend to lubrikate sliding door locks every 6 months.


08/07/2009 Roof inspection:

     For more information please click on the Link "Roof Services on the right side menu of this page.


08/06/2009 Entry door lock replacement, Unit 2-E:

     Reported by owner: entry door lock does not respond to the code, even after battery replacement. Door lock replaced with new on August 06, 2009. Owner needs to program door code.

08/03/2009 Fogged glass in Unit 2-F:

     Reported by Owner: Fogged glass in front bedroom side window (both panes). Inspection performed By Valdas Stankevicius (EURO Construction) and Steve Greeden (ESPY Lumber). Order submitted to Weather Shield on August 04, 2009.


07/29/2009 Entry door lock replacement:

     replaced entry door locks for Units 2-A & 3-B. Repair storm door lock at unit 1-B. Check relative humidity in Units 3-B (72%), 2-B (55%) & 1-D (54%).


07/20/2009 Sliding door sash replacement in 2-G:

     Replaced glass sash in operating panel of living room sliding patio door. Glass seal was broken and condensation residue visible between glass panes.

07/14/2009 Dehumidifier Installation 1-D:

     Install LG 65 Pint dehumidifier in Unit 1-D;

Model # LHD659EBL
S/N 812TALBA1296

07/02/2009 Lock box installation:

     installed 24, new lock boxes in the first floor laundry room. All lock boxes have been numbered for each unit and individual code combinations set. To obtain code combination for your lock box, please contact President of the Board Taylor Layne.


06/10/2009 A/C Drainage problem reported by Taylor Layne:

     Units 2-B and 3-B, A/C handlers in living room leaking when system is "On". Probable cause - dirty or clogged condensation drain lines. Maintenance service performed on 06/12/2009. Front and rear drain lines cleaned using wet vacuum. About 1 gallon of dirty water retrieved from nine drain pipes. Drain line cleaning for remaining 21 units shall be scheduled within two weeks (per Mr. Layne request).

10/24/2008 Storm doors at villa entry:

     Install galvanized "Antisagg" kit on all 24 storm doors. Adjust door height, inspect all door hardware.

09/22/2008 Service request e-mail for Units 3-G & 2-F

     Received e-mail from Taylor Layne with request to inspect two units, where owners reported not being able to operate sliding door locks.

09/04/2008 Service request e-mail for unit 2-F

     Received from Erica Anderson, "the window in the guest bedroom has a moisture problem. It is holding moisture in between the window pane. The sliding glass door will not lock.

08/11/2008 Service Call for unit 1-B

     Service call received from villa owner. Storm door lock at the front entry is missing some inside parts and owner is not able to lock it.

     Front entry door electronic lock is not working. 

08/06/2008 Service Call for unit 2-B

     Service call received from ASI (property manager). Front entry door passage lock handle seems to be lose. Door inspected by Valdas on 08/07/2008. Passage door lock is fine. All passage door locks at Beachwood place are like that. Exterior handle is a little lose. That's the way these locks are made by manufacturer.

08/06/2008 Service Call for Unit 1-A

     Front entry door lock is not working. Owner noticed mold growth in master bedroom on outside wall, around electrical outlets.

     Inspection performed by Valdas on Thursday, August 7, 2008. Temperature, relative humidity and moisture readings were taken in living room and both bedrooms. All three A/C units are set to 72 F, "Auto, Auto". Measured temperature average in all areas was 73.6 F. Moisture reading in drywall - 11.5 % (normal 10-13%), moisture reading in trim boards 10-12%. Moisture reading in floor plywood - 11%. Relative humidity in the air was between 72 and 81.6 %. Normal is around 50.0%.

     Replaced front entry door electronic lock (interior part). Code accepted. Batteries were at minimum working capacity. Owner notified about need to replace batteries.

     Unit visited by Valdas again, on Friday, August 8/ 2008. Owner found more spots of Mold growth. Master bedroom wall behind hanged mirror. Guest bathroom wall behind hanged picture, guest bedroom closet wall behind standing picture. Conclusion - mold growth starts on Sheetrock areas with limited or no ventilation/air flow. Extremely high relative humidity creates favorable conditions for bacteria to grow. Friday's readings for relative humidity inside unit were as following: Master bedroom - 72%, Guest bedroom - 81.5%, living room 65.7%. 

07/08/2008 Service Call for Unit 3-B

     Weiser Powerbolt lock not working even after replacing batteries. Service performed by Gintaras on 07/10/2008. Replaced electronic part of lock. New code entered and accepted.

07/08/2008 Service Call for Unit 1-C

     Weiser Powerbolt lock not working even after replacing batteries. Service performed by Gintaras on 07/10/2008. Replaced electronic part of lock. New code entered and accepted. Owner contacted EURO Construction again on 07/14/2008. He was able to program new code on 07/11/2008. Next day lock stopped responding. Service performed by Valdas on 07/15/2008. checked electronic part of the lock. It works good. Problem is in the electronic key pad outside. Some keys are not responding when pressed. Contacted Weiser Lock Customer Care center. Their response was, "Owner has to contact them directly, to obtain replacement keypads".

06/04/2008 Service Call for Unit 1-B

     Master bedroom door to the balcony does not lock. Valdas stopped by on 06/04/2008 at 3:00 PM. Apparently owner/tenant did not know how to operate door lock, which is working fine.

05/14/2008 Problems with Front door Hardware, Unit 3H 

     Door lock is hard to operate. Door seems to be loose, and tenants have to pull door outwards to lock it.

Door checked on 05/15/2008. Owner must have replace deadbolt, master key no longer works. Somebody tried to adjust strike plate previously. Inappropriate screws (round-head) were installed and strike plate moved to far in from it's original position.

Strike plate adjusted, screws replaced with flat-head, as per manufacturers instructions.

05/09/2008 Master bedroom window, Unit 2G

     Owner reported problem with one of two casement window panels in master bedroom. It's hard to open window without pushing sash with hand.

Service provided on 05/12/2008. Adjusted weather strip for casement window in master bedroom.

04/21/2008 French door lock, Unit 2H

     Tenant can not lock or unlock the door.

Door checked on 04/22/2008. Door lock was fine. Tenant did not know how to operate lock and door handle.

02/11/2008 Power bolt Locks:

     Problems reported with three "Weiser Powerbolt 1000" Locks. Batteries for all 24 units were replaced on December 5-th, 2007 with new AA size lithium batteries. On January 16, 2008, units 2-D, 3-B and 3-E reported problems with locks again (Batteries Low). Weiser customer service called on January 28, 2008 ( 1(800) 677-5625). Reference # 0801301303 was assigned to this case. We tried to troubleshoot one lock over the phone. Weiser Lock technician suggested, to program same code for all three memory entries. Also, we've installed all four new batteries in unit 3-B on February 11, 2008. These batteries will be monitored and tested periodically with battery tester to gather more information for manufacturer.   Any other Villa Owners experiencing problems with their front door locks, please let EURO Construction know ASAP.