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Beach City Commons

December 19, 2007:

Repairs similar to Unit "A" provided for all remaining units (B to N). Gutters and downspouts cleaned for all units. Additional NP-1 sealant applications provided for some units by fire walls to seal gaps between counterflashing and firewall. 


November 27, 2007:

Repairs performed in Unit "A": Cut holes in roof insulation. Drain water using temporary, 4" flex duct. Patch insulation cuts, using tyvek tepe. Seal corugated roof panel fasteners using waterproof NP-1 Sealer. Seal panel ends with waterproof foam sealer.

Instructed by property manager to wait until next hard rain and reinspect.

November   20, 2007:

     Reported water leak from the roof in the warehouse of unit "A". Property inspected December 21. Water collecting on the floor new rear door. Roof inslulation is above is wet and bowed down at the spots were roof leaks appear to be. After inspecting roof from the top, some panels were missing screws or neophrene washers. Corugated roof panel ends were not sealed. Gutters have not been cleaned for some time.


October 01,2007: 

 Repair work on units A, B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K & L:

Cut and graind concrete and asphalt rams to provide drainage chanels outside the rear roll-over doors. Install rubber garage door treshholds under roll-over doors. Seal frame gaps at the bottom of each door.

July 17, 2007:

     Reported by ASI manager, rain water intrussion through rear roll-over doors. Property inspected on July 18, 2008.  Concrete ramp just outside roll-over door was not properly sloped at the time of original construction.  Large gaps exist on both sides of each roll-over door