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Indian Springs: Scope Of Work


Preliminary Work Scope

For Renovation Project

At Indian Springs HOA


71 Skull Creek Dr.

Hilton head Island, SC 29926 

  1.  Remove and dispose all existing, horizontally oriented, tongue & grove exterior siding and trim, all soffit panels and fascia trim boards.
  2. Remove and dispose all existing windows and  third floor sliding patio doors including one French-style patio door.
  3. Remove and dispose all existing exterior fiberboard and OSB particle board sheathing and fiberglass insulation from exterior walls.
  4. Perform necessary moisture damage and wood rot repairs to restore exterior wall framing to construction standards and IBC 2003 requirements. Inspect  all existing wall plate/foundation anchors to determine their condition. Replace and/or add, as required, according to IBC 2003 standards. Inspect all existing rafter tie-down devices to determine their condition and compliance with current wind load requirements. Replace and/or add, as required, according to IBC 2003 Standards. Coordinate with owner application of “Borate wood treatment” to prepared exterior walls. Treatment to be performed by Owner’s approved pest control company.
  5. Install new fiberglass wall insulation R-13 in prepared exterior walls, according to manufacturers recommendations and IBC 2003 standards.
  6. Install new, pressure treated CDX plywood sheathing 24 inch up from bottom plate on prepared exterior wall surfaces.
  7. Install new, construction grade 15/36” OSB particleboard sheathing, above pressure treated plywood up to soffit structure.
  8. Install new “DuPont™” Tyvek® Home Wrap® on prepared exterior wall surfaces. Apply “WESCOSEAL®” vinyl flashing to outside/inside corner surfaces.
  9. Install new “Andersen” impact glass windows in prepared openings according to manufacturer’s recommendations and building code requirements. Bedroom windows shall meet emergency egress requirements. Apply “Window Wrap™” adhesive flashing. Install new “Andersen” Impact glass “French-style” swing patio door in master bedroom of Units 302. Install new, “Andersen” impact glass sliding patio doors, to replace all existing sliding doors on the third floor of each building. Install aluminum “Water Pan Type” sill flashing for all new sliding patio doors and French doors.
  10. Repair and prime (to paint grade) interior gypsum sheathing around  replaced window/door openings. Install new door/window casing.  Prime and paint new casing to match existing color of the baseboards.
  11. Demolish and dispose existing deck/balcony floor cover on units 301, 302 & 303 of each building. Prepare and waterproof using “Sealoflex” system integrating with patio door and exterior wall flashing. Finish with non-skid final coat (approved color and pattern).
  12. Remove and dispose existing carpet flooring on 3-rd. & 2-nd. floor hallways, stairwells and landings. Inspect framing for moisture damages and wood rot repairs. Perform necessary repairs. Prepare and waterproof with “Sealoflex” system, integrating with exterior wall flashing. Finish with non-skid final coat (approved color and pattern).
  13. Remove and dispose existing ceramic tile flooring on the ground floor hallway. Prepare and apply “Sealoflex” system on cleaned concrete surface of entire ground floor hallway with same final coating as 2-nd. & 3-rd. floor hallways.Install new PVC Caps for all existing exhaust ventilation lines on exterior walls.
  14. Install new PVC luvered attic vents with fiberglass insect screen in all gable walls to replace existing vents. Inspect and replace as necessary all existing electrical attic fans.
  15. Install new, “Hardiplank®”, Select Cedarmill, factory primed horizontal lap siding with 7” exposure. Install new, “XO Cellular®” , wood grain PVC window/door and corner trim boards on prepared exterior walls.
  16. Install new, “XO Cellular®” wood grain PVC fascia trim boards and “Hardi Soffit®” perforated soffit panels around entire roof perimeter.
  17. Replace existing rain gutters and downspouts with new, aluminum, commercial grade gutters and downspouts with “Gutter Helmet®”. Location for new gutters: Same as existing, as per Pete Welch on August 13, 2008.
  18. Remove and dispose all existing wood handrails on third floor rear decks and all front side stairwells & hallways. Install new, aluminum, powder coated handrails and grab rails to comply with IBC 2003 requirements.
  19. Remove and dispose existing roof shingles and felt. Inspect roof sheathing and deck structure for moisture damages and wood rot. Inspect skylight flashing. Perform necessary repairs. Install new, aluminum drip edge, and counter flashing. Install new 40 Year “GAF-ELK®” architectural shingles on prepared roof deck, over #30 roof felt. Shingle color – “Birchwood” or other, as per approved color scheme for this renovation project.
  20. Relocate all surface-mounted  electrical conduits and wiring behind exterior wall sheathing. Update exterior hallway lighting as necessary to comply with IBC 2003 standards. Install new Emergency/Exit light and sign combo packs as required to comply with IBC 2003 standards. Investigate and coordinate with owner, upgrade of existing TV and phone lines/jacks.
  21. Fabricate and install new, improved design chimney caps to prevent wind-driven rain from penetrating behind new siding and exterior trim.
  22. Remove and dispose existing ceiling panels in second and first floor screen porches and enclosed decks. Inspect ceiling structure for moisture damages and wood rot. Repair as necessary. Install new “Hardi Panel®” factory primed “Cedarmill” 4x8 panels on prepared structures. Inspect condition of wood trim and structural wood on enclosed decks. Investigate each enclosed deck repairs on “Case-by-case” basis for repair and upgrade options to comply with requirements of IBC 2003 and local authorities. Replace all existing fiberglass insect screens with new “Screen Tide” PVC track-spline-cap system. Cap color – grey.
  23. Apply two coats of “Sherwin-Williams” paint as per approved color scheme on all exterior wall, soffit and ceiling surfaces. Repair any damages to interior sheetrock, that may occur, as result of renovation project work. Apply interior paint to match existing colors as close as possible. Clean and prepare as necessary all entry and storage doors. Apply new paint as per approved color scheme (to be attached to the project work agreement documents).
  24. Changed by the Owner. All exterior sheathing to be Construction grade 1/2" CDX Plywood 4PLY (instead of OSB Particle Board)
  25. Changed by the Owner. All existing fiberglass wall insulation, to be replaced with new, R-13 fiberglass wall insulation and inspected by Town.
  26. Changed by the Owner. All existing fiberglass blow insulation in the attic space, to be replaced with new, R-32 fiberglass blow insulation.
  27. Changed by the Owner. Replace existing flooring in small screen porch of Unit D-303, with "Sealoflex Waterproofing System".