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Building "D" Renovation




  • 12/08/2008 Update:

     Siding and trim installation, windows and doors replacement, damage repair work is finished on building D. New Birchwood shingles installed on all roof decks. Exterior/Interior paint finished. Sealoflex flooring is finished on 2-nd and 3-rd floor walkways. Sealoflex application on ground floor will be finished after landscaping work is done.


      New look of the right side elevation (Units 103, 203, 303).


     Rear elevation view of Units 103, 203 & 303. New, "Screen-Tide" PVC screening systems installed over existing porch enclosures of units 103 & 102. New aluminum handrails and sealoflex balcony flooring installed for unit 103.


     Rear elevation view of Units 102, 202, 302.


     Rear elevation view of Units 101, 201, 301.


      New, commercial grade, aluminum decorative handrails installed in all walkways, landings and third floor balconies of Building D.


     New Building sign, exterior lighting, walkway lighting and emergency exit signs & lights.


     New, entry storm doors installed for selected Units. New Villa number signs and fire extinguisher cabinets.


     New, stainles steel elevator door jambs installed at all three stops.


     Finished liik of the Sealoflex floor covering on second floor walkway.


       New, aluminum "Grip" rails installed on all stairwells.


  • 09/22/2008 Update: 

     Front side elevation view of Units D101, D201 & D301. All windows and sliding patio doors are installed and trimmed inside. Ready for paint application. Siding and trim installation in all three exterior hallways complete. Ready for paint and Handrail installation. Roof deck repairs complete, asphalt shingles roof replaced, New Skylight frame installed with new, aluminum skylight flashing and sealant application.


     Left side elevation view of units D101, D201 & D301. Siding and trim installation complete. Fiberglass screen installation in progress. Siding installation in progress on the chimney of Units D101, D201 & D301.


     Rear side elevation view of units D101, D201 & D301. Siding and trim installed up-to third floor balcony. Further installation will proceed after Sealoflex installation on balcony floor. Screen replacement in progress.


     Rear side elevation view of Units D102, D103, D202, D203, D302 & D303. Siding and trim installation on the rear side of building and porches is almost complete. Screen replacement on screened-in and enclosed porches is in progress. New chimney caps and repainted windscreens installed on all three chimneys.


  • 08/25/2008 Update:

     Right side elevation view of Building D. Siding and trim replacement finished. Paint Application complete according to new, approved color scheme.



      Front side elevation view of Units D-103, D-203 and D-303. exterior paint application complete.


     Left side elevation view of Building D. Moisture damage repairs finished, Exterior sheathing and new windows installation in progress. 


     Rear side elevation view of units # 1 & 2. New Andersen Windows installed in master bedrooms of units D-301 and D-302.


      New door jambs installed at all three elevator stops on building D.


      Siding and trim installation in progress on all three exterior walkways.



  • 08/11/2008 Update:

     Horizontal lap siding and trim boards replaced with new, Hardiplank "Select Cedarmill" Lap siding and XO Cellular PVC trim boards. Damage repairs complete. Exterior wall termite, moisture and funigi treatment performed by ORKIN Pest Control. Installed new Andersen "Stormwatch" 400 series, Low-E, impact resistant IG for units D-102, D-202, D-302, D-103, D-203 & D-303. Conducted Inspections: "Commercial Rough-In Framing", "Commercial Rough-In Electrical", "Commercial Insulation", "Commercial Flashing" 


     Caulk application in progress to all joints and nails. After prep. work, primer coat will be applied to all PVC trim boards. After final approval of new color scheme, two coats of final paint will be applied to all new siding and trim boards.



     Front-Right side elevation view of units D-103, 203, 303;



     Front wall of bedroom #2, Units D-103, 203, 303, painted, using Owner's selected color scheme:

  • Window trim boards - Sherwin Williams 7056 (Reserved White)
  • Main building body - Sherwin Williams 7058 (Magnetic Gray)
  • 2-nd & 3-rd floor bumpout - Sherwin Williams  7057 (Silver Strand.

     Damage repair complete on the front and left side walls of Units D-101, D-201 & D-301. Termite, moisture and fungi treatment performed on Wednesday, August 6, 2008. New R-13 Wall insulation installed and "Commercial Insulation" Inspection conducted on Friday, August 8, 2008. Installation of new, exterior wall sheathing is in progress. New windows installation will start after sheathing for Units D-101, D-201 & D-301.


     Attic insulation removal started on Monday, August 11, 2008 above Units D-301, D-302 & D-303. New, R-32 fiberglass blow insulation should be installed on Friday, August 15, 2008 after attic space inspection and evaluation.

  • 05/28/2008 Update:

     Demolition work in progress on Building D. Siding and trim will be removed from end and front walls of units D103, D203 & D303. At the same time, we will be removing ceiling panels and trim on exterior walkways (all three floors). Demolition work in porches of units D103, D203 & D303 Should start on 05/28/2008.


  • 05/22/2008 Update:

     Building permits from Town and plantation POA were obtained of Friday, May 22, 2008 and posted on Project site. Demolition work on Units D103, D203 & D303 will start on Tuesday, May 27, 2008. Preparation work started on Thursday, May 22, 2008. We will cover A/C condensers outside building D, Deliver and set-up construction equipment, set-up safety signage. Starting from May 22, 2008, area around building D, shall be considered as construction site. Please use extra caution when entering and exiting Building.

     Construction workers will be on site Monday - Friday, approx. 7:10 am - 5:10 PM. Saturday's work is scheduled to start at 8:00am. For all questions/concerns, please call Pete Welch (Owners Representative) at 689-9092 or Mindaugas Stankevicius (Mindy), project supervisor at 298-1634.

     Thank you for your cooperation.

  • 05/13/2008 Notice to Owners:

     Dear Home Owners, Renovation work on Building "D" is scheduled to start on Monday, May 19, 2008. This is preliminary schedule only. Actual start date will depend on Building Permits from Town of HHI and Hilton Head Plantation POA.  Please check our "Work Schedule" frequently for schedule updates. Link to Work Schedule is placed on the top of right side menu.

     In the mean time, lets prepare for the demolition phase. Siding and sheathing removal, wood rot repairs will start on units D103, D203 & D303 at breakfast area and front side bedrooms. Please remove all objects such as paintings, pictures and mirrors hanged on exterior walls. We also recommend to move any glass or stone top tables, letter or fabric furniture at least 2-3" from exterior walls. Construction workers will need aproximatelly six feet clearance in front of all windows. It would be most practical to take down existing window treatments before window replacement work starts. Any home Owners/tenants that are not able to deal with window treatments, please let us know ahead of time, so we can plan accordingly and assist you in this matter. Preliminary window/door delivery date set for June 20, 2008. 

     Any persons with health conditions (such as handicapped persons or people with respiratory illness) please provide us with your name, number of unit where you live and phone number where we can reach you. This will help us to plan and arrange our equipment and materials to better accommodate your needs.  Please keep in mind, that building materials and trash container will be placed in parking lots close to Building for convenience of construction crew. There will be limited parking spaces in front of Building "D" left for residents with special needs (handicapped residents, etc.). We kindly ask all residents to be nice to your neighbours with special needs and avoid blocking marked parking spaces or access to elevator.

     Please know, 30 yard trash container is meant for construction debris only. No residential trash, furniture or appliances should be placed into it. Any fees or fines applied to EURO Construction from Solid Waste company, will be submitted to Indian Springs HOA for reimbursement.

     We would greatly appreciate your help in removing furniture from open decks on the third floor and screened-in porches on all floors. If you are not able to do that, my guys will work around your furniture best as we can. Please keep in mind, EURO Construction will not assume responsibility for damaged and or misplaced belongings in your Screen porch areas. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

     If any Home Owners were planning to do interior repairs/renovations, please be advised, that interior work shall not be performed under our Building Permit for Exterior Renovation Only. Separate Building Permit shall be obtained from Town Of HHI. Interior work should be coordinated with EURO Construction in order to avoid obstruction and delays for exterior renovation project work. Please keep in mind, EURO Construction is full service interior/exterior renovation and remodeling company. We wood gladly help you with your needs to update/upgrade your property.

     If you have questions, concerns, suggestions or requests, please use link "Contact Us", located on the top menu of every page.

We are looking forward doing business with you and bringing great improvement to your property.


          Valdas Stankevicius - Construction Manager

  •  02/26/2008 BUILDING "D" (exterior evaluation)

Front elevation view of building "D"


Left side elevation view (Units 101, 201, 301)






 Rear side elevation view of screened-in porches of units # 101, 201, 301.





Rear side elevation view of master bedrooms

  • Units 101, 201, 301 (on the right side of the picture)
  • Units 102, 202, 302 (on the left side of the picture)



Rear Side elevation view of units 102, 202, 302, 103, 203, 303



 Right side elevation view, Units 103, 203, 303.