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Work Scope

Work Items For Balcony Repairs at Both Buildings

1. Repair Concrete/Stucco Spalls & Cracks - These occur primarily around the bases of Railing Posts. Repairs to stucco and other areas to be done under Work Item 9. Te repairs may wary depending on the severity of the defects.Where concrete is cracked, the lose material shall be removed and replaced with concrete after cleaning the existing surface and applying a concrete bonding adhesive, after whichthe area shall be stuccoed and painted to match existing. Where only the stucco has spalled, this shall be removed, cleaned, re-stuccoed and painted to match (2 Coats). During this work the contractor shall inspect the condition of the base of the post. Should it be determined that damage at the base is significant (holes, severe corrosion, etc.), as determined by the Engineer, the post shall be replaced, in kind (see Work Item 2 below), before proceeding with the concrete repair work.

2. Replace Deteriorated Railing Posts- Four (4) aluminum posts at the starboard Building and one (1) aluminum post at the Port Building have significant deterioration at their bases and need to be replaced with the same size and gage posts as existing. They shall be installed and connected to the existing railing by mechanical means and finished to match existing anodized railing. Once complete, the contractor shall repair the concrete and stucco adjacent to the new post.

3. Sealing Of Railing Post Bases- This work occurs on the 2-nd and 4-th floors of both buildings. All existing unsound caulking and other lose, deleterious materials (stucco, paint, etc.) shall be thoroughly removed by chipping and grinding around the bases of the posts. During this work, the contractor shall inspect the condition of the base of each post. Should it be determined that the damage at its base is significant (holes, severe corrosion, etc.) as determined by the Engineer, the post shall be replaced, in kind (see Work Item 2 above), before proceeding with the work. All oxidation on the bases of the aluminum posts shall be removed prior to applying the epoxy protective coating. Cavities that exist around the posts shall be cleaned and the void around them shall be filled with a non-shrink cementitious grout after which, the surface shall be caulked with sealant. Some post bases may not require filling, but all will require sealant. Should the posts loosen or if loose posts are encountered they shall be reset in a non-shrink cementitious grout. Prior to grouting however, an epoxy protective coating shall be applied to the embedded portions of the posts to protect them from further oxidation. Sealant color to match stucco color.

4, Install Picket At Angle Point In Railing - An additional railing picket is to be installed at the angle point locations of certain railings, since the gap between the posts is greater than 4 inches. The picked shall be the same size and gage as the existing pickets. Stainless steel screws and aluminum clips shall be used to install the pickets which shall be finished to match the existing, anodized railing.

5. Balcony Deck Surface Rebar Protrusion Repairs- Steel reinforcing bars have developed on the deck surfaces as rusty protrusions. These defects shall be repaired by removing a portion of the concrete around the rebar, cutting off rebar end and restoring the hole in the deck by applying a concrete bonding adhesive and filing with non-shrink cementitious grout.

6. Balcony Deck Rust Spots- Several decks exhibit small rust protrusions of unknown origin. The work will involve grinding the small spot areas to remove them. The small depressions created shall be filled with the "Resurfacing" material described in Work Item 8, below. If the spots are rebars, the "Surfacing Bar Removal Procedure" shall be performed (if approved by the Engineer).

7. Repairs At Deck Drains- There are 3 locations at the Starboard Building where the deck drain strainers have spalled away from the deck surface and need to be reset. They shall be removed and cleaned for re-installation after the recess in the deck is prepared by removing all loose concrete down to sound concrete. A concrete. A concrete bonding adhesive shall be applied just before grouting-in the deck drain strainer that is to be reconnected to the existing drain pipe.

8. Deck Restoration- After all repair work at the railing post bases and the decks has been completed as described in the various work items above, including a minimum 7-day cure time of concrete repairs, restoration of the deck surface may begin. This will involve the following:

1. Cleaning- The deck surfaces must be grinded and power washed to remove residual dust and dirt.

2. Leveling- Certain areas of several decks contain low, ponding areas. The contractor shall manually fill them with "H&C  Concrete Resurfacer" Manufactured by Sherwin-Williams. These areas shall be considered "test patches" which shall be examined for several days to confirm adequate surface preparation and a good bond.

3. Resurfacing- Presuming good bonding is achievable, application of the final surfacing material may proceed. This shall be the same material used for the test patches - "H&C Concrete Resurfacer" - which shall be installed in accordance with manufacturer's specifications, of which, an important consideration is the complete saturation of the surface with water to a Saturate Surface Dry (SSD) condition (no puddles). The material shall then be applied with a hopper gun to achieve finished texture, when completed, similar to the original texture.

4. Finishing- After a minimum drying time of 24 hours of the Resurfacer, "H&C Concrete Stain Water Based" Shall be applied to the surface. After a minimum drying time of 2 hours, a second coat of this material shall be applied; Both coats applied in accordance with Sherwin-Williams specifications. Color of both coats shall match the exterior stucco color of the building.

9. Repair Stucco Rust And Cracks At Corners - Several rusted corner beads of the stucco surface exist above and adjacent to the balconies at various locations. Also some interior corners are cracked which will need similar repair. The contractor shall remove the rusted portions and re-stucco these corners, blending the new stucco to match the finish of the existing. These repair areas shall be painted to match the existing building color in accordance with the Material Schedule in Technical Specifications section.

* Work described in item 9, shall only be performed after separate Board of Directors approval.

Miscellaneous Work Items:

  • At the front walkways of the buildings, a few post bases need to be cleaned and caulked. At the Port Building, there is one (1) each on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. At the Starboard Building there is one (1) each at the 2nd and 4th floors, with the one on the 4th floor needing some concrete repair. This work is to be done according to Work Items 1 & 3, as appropriate.
  • At Unit 230-G There is a loose railing joint and at 232-F, the bottom sub rail of the railing is detached. Both need to be fastened by installing aluminum clips and stainless steel screws.
  • At Unit 231-G, the railing is loose and needs tightening.

Note:  some unexpected items/defects may occur in the process of renovation work. Repair of those items shall be performed per change orders to the contract.