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EURO Construction, Inc was found on April 04/1998 by Valdas Stankevicius curent Owner and President of the company, previously known as "Valdas Construction,d.b.a."

Company started with one crew of three men doing some small exterior trim work on single family houses, wood siding installation on new houses, renovation and repair work on single family houses. Over time, we were more and more interested in renovation and interior/exteriorrepair work.

In summer 1998 EURO was awarded with our first siding replacement and wood rot repair project in "Sailmaster Villas" (Shipyard Plantation). Partial siding replacement was done on eighteen (18) buildings. We have learned many things during that first large multifamily renovation project that lasted almost a year. It was realy interesting ro learn and observe the path and directions of moisture damages spread. We begun to study about moisture damages, fungi growth, wood rot.